Jack Thomas

Chamber of Commerce Board Member
Publisher of our Littlerock Newsletter

Maintainer of our Littlerock Website


     Jack came to California in his early teens from Nebraska, .  He graduated from Downey High School in California at 17 and by 18 was employed at Hughes Aircraft as a business systems analyst/programmer/supervisor where he retired in 1994  He married Linda in 1989 and they moved to Littlerock, a little town both of them liked.  They moved here from Hawthorn, CA.
Linda was badly injured in an automobile accident during a time when she had been running a landscaping business.  Jack took over the business and ran it while she healed.  Later, he decided to open his own computer repair business, and although it took him a while to become known, he has established himself, thankfully, in our community as

 “The Computer Doctor” in Littlerock!

Most of you with personal IBM compatible computers know him and are aware of his easy going and kind disposition as well as his computer skills.  What you may not know is that he is a avid reader, especially of current events, and that he has a history of being an active sportsman.  He once loved downhill skiing, fast boats, and motorcycles.  He is the man to have around when things need fixing, but has settled on computer repair for his vocation with skills he began to learn at Hughes, now constantly keeping himself updated with new electronic knowledge.
He is also an excellent cook, both indoors and outside, and according to wife, Linda, he enjoys cooking tremendously.
(I had to interview Linda in order to write about Jack because of his present shyness.  I asked her about funny stories related to Jack.)  She told  one family story about his pet dog eating the first pair of shoes that Jack had worked to pay for when he was a boy.  He bought another pair of shoes and discovered to his young dismay that he now had shoes for two left feet.  His pet favored the taste of his right foot and had “worked” on this second pair.
Another old family story was about his skating down the street as a boy exercising two German Shepherds who were pulling him.  Now, does that take coordination or not?  His mom and his grandmother had told stories, before they died, about his boyhood and their frustration with his taking things apart in their kitchen e.g. toasters, radios, blenders.  As a parent, I enjoyed especially the part where he was always able to get those items back together again.
As a wife, I enjoyed the affection with which Linda spoke of Jack.  “He’s kind;  he’s good; he’s generous…”  He is definitely one of those people in Littlerock whom you want to have as a friend.  This Board is grateful that he volunteers his talents with us as a Board Member and as our Publisher of the Littlerock Chamber Newsletter.  While it appears he truly is a “Jack of all trades”, it also appears  that he is master of two at least: computer guru and excellent human being.

…Loretta Meacham with help of Jack’s wife, Linda Thomas