Amtrak Littlerock California Info

The buses connect to Amtrak California’s trains in Bakersfield which go to
the Central Valley, Bay Area, and Sacramento. While there are six trains
daily in the valley, only two of them have connections to/from Littlerock.
I did not put the EXACT schedule on the website page, as they vary from
time to time and it would be more useful for people to get the actual
arrival and departure times for the trip THEY plan to make.

These buses to Littlerock operate between Victorville and Bakersfield with
stops in Adalanto, Palmdale, Lancaster (at Metrolink), Rosamond, Mojave and Tehachapi before arriving in Bakersfield, but our “consent decree” with
Greyhound forbids us from offering transport to anyone NOT connecting to

We run an extensive collection of bus feeders to many cities, towns, and
communities within the state not directly served by Amtrak. In the
process, we open up much of the state to people unable or unwilling to
drive. When we began working with Amtrak in the San Joaquin Valley 30 years ago, there was ONE train round trip and no bus feeders. Amtrak’s San
Joaquin carried about 70,000 passengers per year. Now we have six round
trips daily, and an extensive network of bus feeders and ridership in about
800,000 annually. We’d like to think were “on the right track” pun
intended. All these changes occurred while gasoline rose in price from
about $.50 to $2.00 per gallon. Imagine how we’ll do as it goes even
higher! This is particularly important in areas which have very little
alternative to driving for mobility.

Richard L. Friedman
Caltrans Division of Rail
Marketing Branch