Officers of the Chamber

Ronni Di Giovanni
Lisa Bluemm 

Vice President & Secretary



Frances Young Treasurer 




Jack Thomas Pastor Jim DeVore  


David Young  


Chamber Phone: 66l-944-6990


P.O. Box 326
Littlerock, CA 93543

By-Laws Revised April 20 2010

A copy of the By-Laws in Word form is available for download here

A copy of the By-Laws in PDF form is available for download here

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Get involved in your Littlerock Community by joining the Chamber of Commerce Please fill out application and bring it to our next meeting or mail it to  P.O. Box 326 Littlerock. Ca 93543

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Welcome to Littlerock, the Fruit Basket of the Antelope Valley. Located about 7miles east of Palmdale on Highway 138, our unique little community offers an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables year-round at the many roadside fruitstands and rural style markets.

During May through September, come and enjoy the rewards of picking apricots, peaches, pears and more.

Looking for collectibles? Littlerock has a wide selection of antique stores as well as other interesting stores along Hwy. 138 and other streets.

Come browse through any of of our unique landmark gift stores such as Charlie Brown Farms or Dezert Bizarre.

Altogether, Littlerock offers its community approximately 100 businesses, most of which are Chamber members. If you scroll down to the bottom of this page and click on Littlerock Home Page you can access business information by clicking on Littlerock Businesses on the left side of the home page.

Aside from the colorful and varied business community, Littlerock offers a rural lifestyle with emphasis on agriculture.

4-H, FFA and Jr. Grange clubs offer our young people a chance to explore and learn first-hand the experience of raising livestock.

Littlerock also offers the community a variety of churches, parks and schools.

The Chamber offers a variety of services and annual events. The most popular being our annual “Vegas Night,” usually held in the Spring. and occasionally repeated in the fall.

Information on events and locations of U-Pick orchards and businesses can be obtained by calling or writing the Chamber. Click HERE for the history of Littlerock.

Please join the Littlerock Chamber of Commerce and be active in your Community. You don’t need to be a Business Owner to join the Fun and get active in your Community.

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