Frances Young

Senior Citizen Extraordinaire.
Frances has been on our Chamber Board for many years, often as an officer, and right now as a Member at Large.  She grew up in Geneva, Alabama.  She was working at the Bank of America in Palmdale, CA when she met Willis Young and married him in 1960 and moved immediately to Littlerock.  She and Willis operated a U-Pick Pear orchard in which Frances played an active working role and they gave birth to a son, David.

Since David was attending Lancaster Christian School on Beech Ave. in Lancaster, Frances worked 7 years as a volunteer in that school system and helped do fundraising there.  She and Willis moved for a few years (74-81) to Escondido where she worked for the Red Cross for about 2 yr.

They moved back to Littlerock in 1981 and has always given time to help improve Littlerock.  She has given over 2000 hr. at Palmdale Hospital on Ave. S serving meals, helping to feed those who needed that assistance, and helped doctors with x-rays.

Frances has made many contributions to this community  by serving in both elected and voluntary positions.  In 1963, she was appointed by the Littlerock Creek Irrigation District Board to finish a Treasurer’s term of 3 1/2 years and then was elected to the same position for the next 4 years, as well.   She was instrumental in helping to revitalize the Chamber of Commerce in Littlerock, helping to start the Littlerock Chamber of Commerce Newsletter.

She was instrumental in the relocation of our public library to its present larger and better facility, is presently active in the Friends of the Littlerock Library, serves as Treasurer for the Friends of that library, is on the executive Board of the Chamber of Commerce, and was elected and now serves on the Board of the Littlerock Creek Irrigation District.  Frances initiated the annual Easter Egg Hunt for children, which the Littlerock Chamber has sponsored for several years.

Frances is known among her friends as a “doer”.  She is knowledgeable about what happens in Littlerock.  She brings truth to the cliché that “if you want something done, ask a busy person.”  Listed above are just a few samples of how she has given to her community through the years.