Ronni Di Giovanni

Ronni Di Giovanni

Littlerock Chamber of Commerce President

 young, energetic mother, wife, minister and community activist is proudly presented here as one of our Members at Large.  Ronni once hailed from  Albion, Michigan where she grew up and went to school.  She graduated from Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, double majoring in Social Psychology and Criminal Justice.

During her early years she developed a yearning to someday live in California.  She made her California dream come true but entered our valley about 6 years ago after years of living near San Diego and in San Fernando Valley. She likes our town; she likes her home here; she loves her family and she loves the people of Littlerock.  The small town atmosphere suits her, but she is definitely a doer and if she hears something needs to be done to help improve our community she is right there doing and helping, creating pathways for people to
help people.

Currently, she is President of the Friends of the Library and President of the Grange.  She has been active in the recent past in Town Council, and besides her work in the Chamber has organized a group called Friends of Everett Martin Park whose goal it is to establish a community building for all ages in our neighborhood.

She was ordained in 1994 as a Universal Life Minister and leads her church in metaphysical study and new thought religion.  This religion has more to do with spirituality, what we feel and sense, rather than so much to do with dogmatic beliefs.

If you want to know more about her ministry, you would be welcome to visit Valley New Thought Center located at 2231 East Ave. Q, which is also the location of the Masonic Lodge in Palmdale.  It is non-denominational.

She recently attended 6 days at a workshop on Laughter Yoga.  You have heard that laughter is good medicine.  Well, interestingly, she learned that you can really  “fake it to make it” !  The muscular act of laughing (even without the joke) is an act that releases endorphins in the body.  “The mind can’t tell the difference between genuine and fake laughter”, she says.  Ronni also loves to write so I’m hoping we’ll hear more about this in an upcoming article! And soon!  When she teaches us all how to do this healthy, non funny laughter, the tourists coming through may give new meaning to our logo as the “fruit basket of California”.

So, if you haven’t met Ronni, you are missing an interesting, enlightened young lady.  She wants to work to help support our businesses in Littlerock and she is a delightful addition to any group.  Come meet her at our next general meeting.

She has a passion for sharing joy and a passion for living what she talks about.  If you want to volunteer to help make Littlerock a better place, Ronni can help you find your niche.

…Loretta Meacham