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Date:   2016-02-05 09:08:26
Name:   Dean Johnson
Email:   [email protected]
Number:   99
I should have told you my phone and address as i was looking for Diane Middlestadt.
I am Dean Johnson
9418 N Green Bay Road #269
Brown Deer, Wi. 53209Phone 414-750-8255
Thank you again,

Date:   2016-02-05 08:20:05
Name:   Dean Johnson
Email:   [email protected]
Number:   98
I am looking for Diane Middlestadt. I don’t know the correct spelling of her last name, Diane is an friend from the 1970’s. She tried to contact me via facebook through a mutual friend and i missed the message. She said she is living in Littlerock, Ca. Do you know of her? Or how to spell her last name?
thank you, Dean
Date:   2015-11-21 18:01:24
Name:   Chelsea Gunderson
Email:   [email protected]
Number:   97
My Grandfather, Poppa His Name Was David Oliver and I Am HiS FirstGrandBaby. I’mSureYouAllKnewOfHim. MyFavoriteThingAboutLittleRockWasGoingDownTheBumpyRoadReallyFastAndMaking WoodEn CarvingS WithHim. ThankYou. For He Was A Great Man
Date:   2015-08-22 08:03:41
Name:   LR Thompson
Email:   [email protected]
Number:   96
Interested in moving to this area.
Date:   2015-08-02 18:37:36
Name:   Lynn Westfall
Email:   [email protected]
Number:   95
last year I drove through Littlerock. When I got home I was looking for a business owners name. It’s along the main road where Charlie Browns Farm is. I came accros the name Westfall. I can’t remember her first name, but she is an excellent canner of all sorts. We are related in a funny round about way. Seriously! I am now in Littlerock and wanted to say “Hi”. I felt compelled, I do not normally do this, but . .
Lynn Westfall
Date:   2015-07-30 23:32:28
Name:   dali
Email:   [email protected]
Number:   94

All the best from

to all

Date:   2015-07-28 19:18:26
Name:   Misti
Number:   93
Littlerock Dam Recreation Area has been closed for several months now. There is a sign on the gate that says “Closed for Health and Safety.” I was there with my family just days before this happened and we didn’t notice any reason why the area should be closed to public access. What a shame!
Does anyone know exactly how long the dam is supposed to be closed for?