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Since 2007 property owners in rural areas of the Unincorporated communities of  the County of Los Angeles have continued their vigilance in their rights to own and to store their private property on their parcels while being harassed by Los Angeles Code Enforcement.

This includes not only surprise inspections that include exorbitant fines but appointed investigations by the Nuisance Abatement Team and the County Sheriffs Department that our County has put into place.

In response The A.V.T.O. (Antelope Valley Truckers Organization) was put into place to support, Concerned Citizens, Land Owners and Independent Truck Operators of the Antelope Valley.

The A.V.T.O. along with the Littlerock and Sun Village Town Council’s are in the Process of rewriting the (CSD) Community Standards of Rural living in our area and what you can and can’t have on our parcels.

Recently several members of the A.V.T.O. have come under fire in regard to the use of their land and the private property that is stored on it.  It seems that several of these members have been marked by speaking out at Littlerock Town Council meetings when Code Enforcement and County Officials are present.

In fact, two of our Littlerock Town Council officials that are also members of the A.V.T.O. have recently been given notices to remove items from their property or face significant fines.

Norm Hickling Senior Deputy of Los Angeles County promised that there would be no more citations or inspections until the CSD had been submitted and agreed upon, yet, members of the Littlerock Community are still being harassed!

The Truth Needs To Be Told!

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Please support Littlerock Businesses. Click on Littlerock Businesses for information and individual business websites. The town of Littlerock is located on California Highway 138, about 50 miles northeast of Los Angeles in the southern most portion of the Antelope Valley.

Littlerock has a population of approximately 9,100 and is at an elevation of 2,900 feet above sea level. The weather ranges from the extreme heat of summer to the extreme cold of winter. Yes, Littlerock sometimes has snow in the winter months.

The Town has several Antique shops and Fruit stands that provide Peaches, Cherries & Pears in the Summer, Pumpkins and Christmas Trees in the Fall, in addition to Antique shops, Variety shops, Gift Shops, Charlie Browns Farms where you can find anything from Bar-B-Que to OVER 1000 kinds of Collectible Porcelain & Vinyl Dolls and across the street you can get all kinds of Western Wear and Crafts at Silly Tilly’s. The Town also has many Restaurants, Auto Parts & Repair, Many Churches, Gas Stations, Craft stores, and even a Farmer’s Mart with a Meat Department, Hardware Store as well as many other Businesses to serve tourists and local residents, Good Schools Parks & Recreation, Camping at the Dam and Big Rock Creek. This site is provided by the Littlerock Chamber of Commerce. 

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